To bot or not to bot?

  • 15/11/2017

So, you are a Digital Marketer and you want to differentiate from your competitors. You 've heard that chatbots can make customers' life easier but you are now confused, since you don't know:

  • What exactly are chatbots?
  • How do they work?
  • Are they such a great opportunity as it is said?
  • And finally, how can you build one?

Don’t worry! We'll answer your questions right away and we're sure that after this blog post, chatbots won't be missing from your Digital Marketing Strategy!

Chatbots are computer programs designed to simulate an intelligent conversation, powered by rules (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning) via a chat interface (e.g. Facebook messenger). They develop intelligent dialogues and answer questions automatically, providing useful information about business issues quickly and easily. For companies looking to connect with 1.65 billion users of Facebook, bringing your business directly to the source isn’t a bad call!

But why develop a chatbot? Because 75% of millennials choose text messages instead of phones and because they are actually the new mobile apps! According to Gartner, by 2020  85% of all customer service interactions will be made through chatbots.


Let’s see three ways AI and chatbots are creating a major impact in the customer service:

  1. They won’t make you wait!
  2. They never sleep!
  3. They personalize the customer experience!

Through chatbots you can collect information about your customers and their needs. By analyzing the data you capture, you have the ability to suggest products related to your customers' preferences and purchases and in this way to personalize communication! So, don’t lose any more precious time and go automate customer service, increase sales, and collect feedback from your customers to evaluate your services, improve products, and ultimately optimize your page directly through Facebook Messenger.


Chatbots are ideal for retailers, brands, travel agencies, restaurants, real estate companies, city guides, hotels, lawyers etc.

So, the question isn't: 'to bot or not to bot'?

But rather: 'Can you really deliver a great customer experience without an intelligent chatbot?'

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