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Pobuca Loyalty is a pre-tested, pre-validated purpose built marketing automation platform capable to address the needs of a modern organization that wants to excel in the fields of Customer Profiling and Customer Loyalty.

Pobuca Loyalty is designed to cater primarily the needs of the Retail and Brands.

Pobuca Loyalty is an add-on, embedded and developed on Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Pobuca Loyalty will act as the technology enabler to support your Customer Loyalty Program, providing a wide range of options when it comes to rewarding and redeeming of gifts, thus being able to meet all requirements of your loyalty commercial scheme. Moreover, Pobuca Loyalty will constitute the tool for achieving thorough customer profiling of your customer base, based on specific criteria set by the marketer. Furthermore, Pobuca Loyalty will allow you to perform personalized and segmented communication through all the current digital communication vehicles (email, sms, push notification, fb notifications, surveys) at specific or ad hoc time intervals.

Pobuca Loyalty is able to segment your pool of customers, based on demographic, marketing and transactional/commercial data. Segmentation based on age groups, gender etc. and buying behavior (frequency, recency, specific SKUs purchased, etc.) can be performed.

With Pobuca Loyalty you can go beyond the point of rewarding your customers based on their monetary transactions. Give rewards for completing a survey, participating at a Facebook contest, downloading your mobile app or at certain key dates.

Pobuca Loyalty is able to provide you with the necessary supporting platforms to run your loyalty program. Give your customers a microsite, a mobile application or a Facebook application in order for them to participate in your loyalty program. Measure and record their engagement, enrich their profiles and use Marera as a back office tool for the Loyalty supporting platforms.

Pobuca Loyalty comes with a specially designed algorithm which allows you to assess the sales readiness of each customer, thus being able to perform predictive marketing activities to your clientele.

Pobuca Loyalty is able to integrate with the majority of all well-established CRM and ERP systems, in order to acquire existing customer data or update Pobuca Loyalty data base with new customer data generated through your existing 3rd party platforms. This integration can be done once or at specific repeated time intervals according to the project’s needs.

Pobuca Loyalty has two types of deployment. You can either use Cloud or On Premise model. In the first case your data are stored in Microsoft’s Cloud Azure thus your data are secured with the SLAs provided by Microsoft (more information can be found here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/TrustCenter/Security/default.aspx). In the latter case, data are stored at your servers in your premises. In case that SiEBEN resources have access to your data (either by providing Consulting/Outsourcing services or during the implementation process) we ensure confidentiality of your data through legally binding contracts during and after the completion of a project.

Pobuca Loyalty is a platform designed to address the needs of the CMO and marketing department. Taking that into consideration, Pobuca Loyalty is designed to be operated by marketing people with no IT experience. Hands on training sessions will be performed after every installation of Marera. Please request a demo here at Demo Page.

Prior to the implementation of Pobuca Loyalty, SiEBEN Consulting Services Department will sit down with you, assess your needs, evaluate your objectives, build your loyalty commercial scheme and propose the right tools in order for you to meet those objectives. This thorough investigation comes in the form of a Business Report that can be used later on as a guide for your loyalty strategy. The same team can also be utilized during the first steps/months of the project roll out, as a knowledge transfer and back up mechanism for your resources. In the case of marketing resources scarcity by your side, our Outsourcing department can provide you with experienced resources that will act as your extended marketing team.

At Pricing Page you can check two versions of Pobuca LoyaltyPobuca Loyalty licenses and support are costs per annum. Implementation services are one off cost. Regarding licenses, you may choose one off cost model as well. Communication credits are charged per usage.

Pobuca Loyalty is an add on of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. For that reason, if you have already Microsoft Dynamics CRM licenses, is not required to buy more. If you don’t have already Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you need at least one Microsoft CRM user – but no worries we take care of this for you.

We are providing two types of Contracts, the Sliver and the Gold one.

Silver Level: Services Included (unlimited support incidents)

Ascertain that the delivered platform is up and running

Support services remotely with no additional cost, or at site charged by the hour.

Unlimited Support Incidents

Predefined man-hour cost

Hardware & Software warranties monitor

Response Time 8 working hours

Gold Level: Services Included (unlimited support incidents)

Ascertain that the delivered platform / implementation is up and running

Support services performed at SiEBEN premises with no additional cost, or at Client’s premises charged by the hour.

Unlimited Support Incidents o Predefined man-hour cost

Hardware & Software warranties monitor o Proactive system control and alerting

Predefined man-hours of monthly services at site

Quaterly visits for Services Overview

Response Time 4 working hours


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