Explore Pobuca Loyalty features

Loyalty Management

Loyalty is now redefined! Set up your very own loyalty program and gain control of your business by enhancing your client’s expenditure individually.

Design your customers’ ideal reward experience with Pobuca Loyalty, a customized loyalty platform that supports single or multi-partner programs through an omni-channel communication approach. Pobuca Loyalty’s distinctive systems feature intuitive, integrated self-service marketing tools which help marketers develop an appropriate strategy to grow loyalty, influence behavior and market share. You can now capture and synthesize multichannel data for more precise customer understanding. 

The preparation of sophisticated plans aiming to increase of retention and frequency through targeted promotions, rewards, cross-selling and upselling activities becomes a piece of cake with Pobuca Loyalty.

Interested for even more?

Exploit our across the business operations gamut, expertise combined with our cutting edge technology to:
  • Increase your program’s effectiveness and optimize your ROI
  • Launch engaging campaigns and create meaningful real-time interactions
  • Evolve your reward program to ensure high value and minimize the lost opportunities
  • Make adjustments and take advantage of unexpected prospects.

Adopt a holistic approach for your loyalty strategy!

Campaigns Management

The easiest and quickest way to effectively communicate with your customers so as to sell more and increase engagement.

Looking for creating and executing highly personalized campaigns through a single platform?

You can now segment your customers based on their data, such as campaign interactions, activity on your website or mobile app, interests or social data, demographics, shopping behavior and much more. Comprehend your customers’ preferences or behaviors and optimize your message!

Pobuca Loyalty provides you with a vast selection of communication channels such as email, SMS, all kinds of notifications. You can even launch customized surveys.

Choose the perfect timing for your message to be delivered and schedule a series of workflows based on triggers set by you. Optimize your content based on the customers’ interactions and responses provided by the out-of-the box insights. Increase your ROI & ROMI, getting higher open and click through rates, greater email relevance, better deliverability and lower unsubscribe rates. Having a centralized reporting, your company will be able to make decisions on whether to invest on digital activities, or on development of new products and services.

Digital Endpoints

Omni-channel marketing should not be just a Vision; it should be your Reality.

The digital universe is constantly expanding, providing marketers a whole world of capabilities and new opportunities to provide end-customers with a consistent experience across all available channels.
The huge challenge of the digital world is to properly implement an omni-channel strategy. Align your brand messaging, goals, objectives and design across each channel and digital endpoints, so as to cover all possible engagement points and enhance your offering’s impact. 

Pobuca Loyalty, helps you achieve exactly that!

It is not just a multichannel tool, but an upscale omni-channel one! Having developed your content, select the appropriate audience, at the best opportune moment and through the appropriate channel through a single platform. Pobuca Loyalty’s digital endpoints are: Website, E-shop, Mobile Apps, Facebook & Digital Signage


Design and automate, highly segmented, e-shop campaigns. Personalize the content or products promoted based on the e-shop visits, previous orders and wish lists!

E-commerce operations are incredibly complex, and require expertise in many areas to operate and grow. Whether it is setting up your online business, or, renovating your existing ecommerce business, or, sustaining your profitable ecommerce business- having the right partner helps you deal with the cutthroat competition.
Interested to thrive in e-commerce business today? Do you think that a perfect blend of creativity and innovation in development are enough? 

Pobuca Loyalty is the right platform that suits every business. By ensuring user-friendly UX and UI design you have made the first step towards success.
Then, Pobuca Loyalty leads you to the next level, the highly enhanced audience segmentation that enables you, design and automate ever-desirable e-shop campaigns, engaging highly targeted audiences.
Personalizing the e-shop content based on your customers’ behavior, preferences even their demographics can help you increase profitability.

Predictive Marketing

Identify your customers’ future shopping behavior and ensure their loyalty.

Are you interested to identify the customers and prospects who are most likely to buy a specific product? Retaining a higher percentage of customers is one of your main goals?
You have already collected a wealth of information which lies untapped in your company’s databases, on the Internet, and from smart devices. This abundance can give marketers new insight and context, in order to help predict where to apply extra resources to expose new opportunities or accelerate sales. 

But the marketing analytics story shouldn’t end there! Using predictive marketing analytics to retain, service, penetrate, and enrich current customers can have a much bigger impact on the business

Pobuca Loyalty, applies advanced analytics to improve every aspect of your marketing strategy. The goal is to provide you with personalized support, to help you leverage your data along with test and learn strategies to optimize your marketing programs. We use database marketing, data mining, advanced analytic techniques for lead scoring, and test and learn strategies to help marketers rapidly optimize their marketing strategy.

Proximity Marketing

Identify your customers’ future shopping behavior and ensure their loyalty.

Your customers’ location can now trigger your marketing campaigns.
Take advantage of the location technologies to directly communicate with customers via their portable devices and generate tremendous revenues.
Make your customers happy by improving their experience and let them conceive it as an advanced customer service which they will happily exchange with their personal data. 

Proximity marketing represents the next iteration of digital marketing but to really deliver, it must take account of more detailed customer context than just their location. Why? Because in the same way that copy paste email is ineffective and annoying, blanket messaging that’s triggered by proximity or beacons is not the answer either.

Proximity-triggered messages need to be targeted, timely and relevant to every recipient, and this requires a layer of additional insight beyond the location-event alone.


More Control over your Data.

Pobuca Loyalty Analytics provide unparalleled access to all of your acquired data. This means; every table, every column and every row. You can decide how it is viewed, how it is analyzed and how and when it is distributed. Obtain the information you need with complete data access, available in real-time.
Access all you need through pre-built reports and analytics. 

Develop your own metrics or ask us to deliver your customized reporting.
Be informed in real time through fully functional dashboards.
This will all lead to the most chased after analytical goals; Spend Less Time Creating Reports and Gain More Control Over your Data.
You need ever more? Consult with us for advanced analytics that will help you make data-driven decisions.