Loyalty Redifined

Build Customer Loyalty

Pobuca Loyalty is a platform that develops and grows repeat customers


In a nutshell

Map your customers' journey, engage with them in all sales and marketing channels, reward loyalty and predict future buying behaviors

Omni-Channel Marketing: An Emerging Reality

A seamless experience, regardless channel or device has lead us to the omni-channel approach. An all-around umbrella approach, connecting customers in progressive ways enables brands measure behavior and provide customers with localized information.

Communicate Efficiently. Sell more.

Align your sales strategy with your marketing campaigns using our integrated campaign manager. Send personalized communications to the right customers at the right time and collect their feedback in a single point of view for every channel. Use the collected insights to boost loyalty and encourage purchases.

Effectively Reward your Customers

Establish loyalty with your customers by giving them a reason to become repeated buyers. Recognize their true needs and award them not only for purchases made in-store and online, but also for special events & actions during the customer journey. Achieve your revenue goals and maximize customer satisfaction while minimizing marketing investment, under a single platform.

Predict Shopping Behavioral Patterns

Reach customers at the right moment. Project and forecast future shopping behaviors via lead scoring. Increase effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and expand your business horizons rather than just mapping the world you operate in.

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